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JETCOAT ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and is located in Songjiang Industrial Park.,Shanghai; The company's main business is the R&D and UV resin and UV light-curable coatings. The products are mainly 3C industries such as wood flooring, bamboo flooring, furniture, PVC gussets, and plastic products. JETCOAT has a wealth of experience and mature technology. It is one of the world's top resin synthesis technology coating manufacturers. It is specialized in the research and development of high-level coatings in line with international trends. The marketing system is distributed in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Taiwan, and China. And all over Europe and America.


In 2012, The JETCOAT of decorative building materials coating production line was set up in the Tianjin Export Processing Park. The factory covers 35,000 square meters and invests in product design and product development to enhance technological innovation capabilities.


Domestic market: JETCOAT, as one of the pioneers in the UV coating industry, has always maintained the number one market share in the Taiwanese market. Operating the Chinese mainland market for nearly 20 years, upholding the belief that the customer is respected, the JETCOAT brand has delivered a beautiful report card in the industry, and the cooperation with well-known brands such as Power Dekor, ELIVIN Maple's... etc. is affirmed for it Quality suppliers and long-term partners.


Export market: Approximately 13 million square meters of wood flooring circulating in the American market use JETCOAT coatings each year, fully recognized by the market. TOA-JET CHEMICAL Co, Ltd. was established as a joint venture with Toagosei Co., Ltd., a UV resin factory with the largest market share in Japan, and shipped thousands of UV resins and coatings to Japan each year.